Copy of High School

Join our virtual leadership classes for high school students (9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grades). Build your resume and high school transcript while learning valuable leadership skills to help prepare you for college and beyond. Program details are outlined below.



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Engage with other high school students across the region in a virtual leadership lab. 

Students will explore the major theories of leadership and use those frameworks to evaluate leaders from across different sectors and times. 

Drawing on videos and written publications as source materials, students will be working independently and in small group discussions to develop a deeper understanding of leadership.

In addition, students will assess their own leadership styles, explore “The Big Five” personality traits and how they impact leadership, experience the relationship between self-reflection and leadership and engage in interactive virtual dialogue with local leaders.

Program Cost: $199

The program will be delivered on 4 days LIVE online via Zoom on the following program dates. Next session TBD.