Leadership Center for Excellence is the region’s trusted, non-profit resource for leadership development and civic engagement. Since 1998, the programs we offer and the network we nurture helps people change themselves, our community and the world.

We accomplish this by bringing the latest leadership research and training to our program participants so they can better engage with others and build our community’s future. From high school students to established leaders, Leadership Center for Excellence is an accessible resource for every stage of the leadership journey.


The mission of the Leadership Center for Excellence is to connect, develop, and inspire leaders for personal growth, civic engagement, and community impact.


A connected, vibrant, and inclusive community that welcomes diversity of thought and tackles complex issues.


Radical Hospitality: We foster belonging with openness, warmth, and gratitude.

Curiosity: We honor the power of seeking to understand and innovate.

Courageous Collaboration: We need each other to respectfully and effectively develop ideas and solutions for the common good of all.

Integrity: We believe honesty, respect, and character are the foundation of effective leadership.