As a part of our service to the community, the Leadership Center team is happy to provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations whose staff regularly participate in the Center’s programs.  We consider this a value add to your involvement with us.  If you believe our expertise may be helpful, please contact us.  We accept no-fee nonprofit clients on a case by case basis, based on our current bandwidth and the scope of need.  If, in joint consultation with you, we determine your need will require more time than we can provide pro bono, we will provide a written proposal to cover our time.  If your need is outside our areas of expertise, we are happy to help you vet other consultants.  Our current areas of expertise include:

  1. Board Work with a BoardSource© credentialed consultant for:
    • Meeting Facilitation
    • Board Duties/Responsibilities/Processes
    • Board Policy Manual Development
    • Board Assessments
    • Board Member Candidate Identification
    • Change Management Support
    • Merger Support
  2. Fund Development planning support (with written annual plan deliverable)
  3. Strategy Development (we don’t believe in 1990-style paper grids with 5-years of goals and tactics – this is supporting your efforts to develop a real strategy)
  4. In-area speaking engagements on topics related to leadership