DMV Diversity and Inclusion Institute – Now Virtual!
Sponsored by Nestlé

Not a traditional “diversity training program,” DMV Diversity & Inclusion Institute is designed for senior leaders and brings everyone into the definition of diversity to consider how differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, geographic orientation, culture, knowledge, experience, and perception impact the lives of individuals and enterprises. Leaders who participate will be better prepared to leverage differences in support of their missions.

Designed and facilitated by Juan Johnson, a Leadership Center faculty leader and founder and president of Diversity Leadership in Action, the DMV Diversity & Inclusion Institute brings participants together for five days of powerful content that expands thinking and gives tools for use in the real world. Learning experiences include case studies, scenarios and analyses, and other experiential learning methods to maximize interaction and discussion among participants and facilitate productive relationships.

As part of the program, participants will work in small groups to identify challenges and research real solutions to create a ‘best practices database’ for DMV fellows to share and reference long after their program’s completion.

Tuition: $3,000

Upcoming Program Dates with be announced soon.

Applications considered upon submission.


How do YOU benefit?

  • Opportunity to employ leadership strengths, increase leadership skills and recognize arenas in which unique contributions may be applied
  • Expanded awareness of issues and challenges facing our community
  • Ability to articulate a vision for the community and translate that vision into action
  • Chance to discover strategies for developing others’ personal vision and power
  • Networking with fellow community leaders on a personal and professional level

How does YOUR ORGANIZATION benefit?

  • Retention of employees with deepened leadership capabilities and a greater understanding of how to maximize community engagement
  • Opportunity to showcase your organization’s involvement in the premier leadership organization in the community
  • Rewards of networking with a diverse group of 1,400 community leaders representing over 600 organizations
  • Visible commitment to service in the community
  • Creation of workforce stability through membership engagement

How does the COMMUNITY benefit?

  • Increased source of quality leaders in the community
  • Improved communication network among civil, social, educational and business leaders in the region
  • Membership contribution of over 25,000 volunteer hours to the community annually, representing over $580,000 in donated time
  • Assistance to leaders in their development, matching their skills and interests with the needs of the community
  • Leadership base with broadened perspectives, prepared to more effectively guide our community into the future